Sustainability at Aberdunant: Nurturing Nature for a Better Tomorrow

Leading Eco-Friendly Initiatives in UK Holiday Parks

Welcome to Aberdunant's Sustainability Page, where our commitment to environmental preservation and responsible practices shines through. We are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for our park, local community, and the planet. Through strategic investments, responsible management, and strong community engagement, we strive to positively impact our environment.

Proactive Tree Management

Tree Preservation & Investment

Our devotion to maintaining a flourishing tree population is evident in our significant investment of over £200,000 in the last 18 months, with a general budget of over £90,000 annually. With comprehensive surveys, assessments, and essential tree work, we ensure our trees' long-lasting health and vitality, securing a safe environment for generations to come.

Aligned with our dedication to preserving the natural landscape, we undertake reforestation with utmost responsibility. Replanting the TPO woodland at a 3:1 ratio showcases our compliance with statutory regulations in Snowdonia National Park, fostering sustainable growth and ecological equilibrium.

Safeguarding Future Generations

A Carbon Neutral Future

Embracing a sustainable vision, we recognise our woodlands' essential role in carbon capture. As we work toward our carbon-neutral aspirations, our forests act as vital allies in reducing carbon emissions and advancing environmental responsibility.

Nurturing Woodland

Biodiversity & Species Reintroduction

We understand that effective silvicultural management is crucial to enhancing woodland health in terms of native species enrichment, woodland age class distribution, and biodiversity improvement. Situated adjacent to SAC and SSSI areas, we value the importance of our site's enhancement as a buffer to protect these sensitive habitats.

Sustainable Local Communities

Local Area Enhancement

Our commitment to enhancing the local area is unwavering. By sourcing restaurant food locally from businesses like Porthmadog, we support the regional economy and guarantee the freshness and quality of our offerings. This practice not only aids local businesses but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Furthermore, our partnerships with nearby suppliers contribute to job creation and sustain the livelihoods of local communities. This strong connection to the local economy underscores our dedication to being a responsible and contributing member of our surrounding area.

Holiday Home Owner Support

Owner Dedication & Education

Our holiday homeowners' remarkable environmental commitment is truly inspiring. Through the "Aberdunant Wildlife" Facebook group, members share their daily wildlife sightings, reflecting their deep connection to our park's ecosystem and their dedication to its preservation.

This collective effort highlights the positive impact of a passionate community in nurturing and cherishing our local environment.

Contributing to a sustainable future


At Aberdunant, we understand that we coexist with a vibrant natural habitat. Situated on 200 acres of this remarkable space, our mission to protect it is resolute. Through investments, responsible practices, and community involvement, we are proud to contribute to a sustainable future. Join us in our journey to nurture nature and create a better tomorrow for all.


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