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Winterising your static caravan or lodge

We look at a few useful tips of winterisation of your static caravan or holiday home - with the winters getting harsher, its important to make sure you and your caravan are ready.

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9 Oct 2020

Updated: 12/11/2015 With temperatures due to fall in January please ensure that you read the following guidance on winterising your holiday home.

  1. Ensure you remove all food from the caravan, clean down all surfaces and empty both the fridge and fridge freezer. As Aberdunant is located in a woodland, you do not want to encourage furry friends by leaving any food source. Once the Fridge and freezer is cleaned and disinfected, leave the door open (prop open with a dry tea towel)

  2. Take all duvets, pillows and bedding home with you as these can attract damp in the winter.

  3. Remove from sight any valuables such as DVDs TVs etc and if you can take then home. If that is not practicable then hiding them away in the wardrobe is sensible. Aberdunant has an excellent history of not being a target for thieves, but we say out of sight out of mind is a good way not to entice an opportunist.

  4. Up end any soft furnishings and store away from the walls and doors, (preferable in the center of the caravan lounge). Up end the mattresses or remove them from the windows and doors.

  5. Keeping the damp out is essential to keeping your caravan in good order and you do not need to go the expense of buying dehumidifiers. Salt is a great damp attractor and you can place a decent amount in large bowls in every room. Leave all the internal doors open to allow the air to flow. It is important to leave your curtains open to allow winter warmth and sunny days to air the caravan.

  6. Turn off your stop tap. (remove completely from the caravan if you are leaving it for the whole winter)

  7. Freezing pipes will expand and burst, therefore it is essential to expel and drain as much water from the caravan pipes as possible. Even a small amount in a pipe can burst it. There are several drain plugs on a static caravan ( up to 8 on some larger units) and these must be unscrewed and placed somewhere safe. ( the kitchen sink is best). Caution...do not unscrew the central heating drain plugs as this will contain antifreeze and must not be drained.

  8. The Boiler must be drained of all water and the manufacturers guide followed. There will be a screw at the bottom of the boiler that will need to be removed and a bowl put under to catch any water still in the boiler.

  9. Open up all the taps in the caravan and remove the shower thermostatic tap completely from the shower. This should shaken to remove any water then wrapped in a blanket and stored safely. Flush to toilet and pour antifreeze into both the cistern and the bowl itself. It is good practice to pour a little antifreeze down the plug hole.

  10. Turn off all gas supplies and remove the bottle and regulator.

  11. Turn off your electricity at the outside box by pushing the switch down.

  12. Leave all the wall air vents open (not the roof ones) and lock the caravan We wholly recommend letting a professional carry out this service for you. T Gray Enterprises are one such company that has over 25 years of winterising and caravan maintenance in North Wales. In the event of a burst they cover all repair costs. Gas checks can be arranged at the same time. T Gray number is 01766 514667.

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