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Static Caravans versus Touring caravans

The Benefits of owning a static caravan as opposed to owning a touring caravan

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16 Jan 2013

Anybody interested in owning their own caravan holiday home has to choose which path to go down. Whether to buy a Touring caravan or to buy a Static caravan.

There are some great positives to buying a touring caravan, the freedom of the open road, go anywhere, at any time, on to a holiday park, camp site or just in a field on your own. They are fairly cheap to buy, especially second hand but you must make sure that whoever you buy from is the rightful owner and that the caravan you buy is water tight and free from rot. Never buy a touring caravan from anyone who wants to meet at a service station and be paid cash on the day.

As you have to pull the touring caravan, you must be sure that your car can pull the caravan at a good speed and without struggling up the hills as this may damage your car. Unlike static caravans, touring caravan dealers and private owners who are selling them wave you off a forecourt and once you have bought and paid any problems you find are yours. As the strong Euro has put many would be travellers off going to Europe and Holiday Parks have improved a lot over the years, we find that there has been a boost in the sale of static caravans recently and this has been the case at Aberdunant.

The main benefit to owning a static holiday home has to be it ease of use. Picture this, You finish work on a Friday Afternoon, get home, pack some clothes for you and the family in a bag for the weekend and drive a couple of hours to your own holiday home. No setting up, you are in a place you and the family knows well, surrounded by people you know. If you want to go for a meal or a few drinks then it is only a short walk. Unlike buying a touring caravan, the static caravan you buy is on the park owned by the company that sold you the caravan. Therefore if you get any problems, the park will address them as quick as they can.

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