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How Do I Buy A Static Caravan

This simple guide helps you buy a new static caravans and gives you some tips on how to get the most out of the buying process.

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4 Feb 2013

With the power of the Internet in these modern times, purchasing pretty much anything should be a straightforward process. With a few clicks of a mouse anyone can search through pages and pages of information on any subject to find the relevant information such as prices and availability of any given product.

However, when you are looking to purchase a static caravan the Internet can only provide you with a certain amount of limited information. Therefore we have provided you here with a simple stepped process to buying a static caravan and we hope that you find this information helpful in your quest.


A static caravan is an economical way of owning a second home in a holiday location that is right for you and your family and one of the first questions you should ask yourself is where do I want my Static caravan to be located?

The area where your static caravan is sited should be somewhere that gives you the freedom and enjoyment you need. If you are keen on day trips out, then there should be plenty to do in that area. If you like the beach or prefer the countryside, you should choose a location that has these attractions to offer you. Perhaps this could be area you visit and holiday often in.

The Holiday Park

Once you have settled on an area and location for your new holiday home, the next question you should ask yourself is what type of Holiday Park would suit you and your family?

You need to make sure that there is something for everyone, this does not necessarily mean lots of facilities, but it is important that children can make friends and have freedom around the park without having to be overly supervised. If the park you choose has plenty of facilities, do you need to be with your children to use them? This can be very limiting on your own enjoyment if this is the case.

Site Fees

Every caravan holiday park will charge an annual site fee and this charge will differ depending on the location of the holiday park, the facilities they offer and how long the park is open for each year, Remember Lots of facilities can also mean a higher site fee. Therefore remember to ask what the Site fees covers and what facilities have an extra charge.

Some Holiday Parks offer different ways to pay, such as monthly or quarterly that can help spread the cost. Decide as a family what level of Site fee is affordable to you and find a holiday park that fits your budget.

The Caravan

You may be surprised that we have placed the actual caravan so far down the list, but the caravan itself is simply the tool to use to stay in the location and holiday-park of your choice. There are however some simple rules of thumb to remember when choosing the right caravan for you and your family. Firstly the caravan needs to accommodate the number of people staying in it without continually overcrowding the caravan. Therefore choose a caravan that can comfortably sleep all members of the family that use it most of the time. There is no need to buy a caravan with lots of bedrooms if you only have visitors on occasion. The more bedrooms the smaller the main bedrooms will be.

Heating and Double glazing are normally an optional extra, but if you intend to use the caravan in early Spring, late Autumn or in the winter then this option will become a must.

Your budgets will natural depend on the style of your caravan, the old saying “you only get what you pay for is very true when it comes to buying a static caravan.

Styles of the caravans with options such as French windows, center lounges, square kitchens, en-suite bedrooms and baths are all options you can choose to fit your needs and wants.

Caravan Age Limit

The age of the caravan will mainly depend on your budget and will only become important if there is a strict age limit and renewal rule on the park. May parks will have some kind of limit on how long a caravan can remain on the park. This is normal practice as no one wants to be on a holiday park with lots of old caravans that look way past their best. However this rule should have a common sense approach and 15 years is the normal. However make sure that whatever the rule is it is written down on the contract or annual agreement.

The Pitch

The Pitch on the park is quite important, as this will be where your caravan will be permanently sited. Choose a pitch that has a pleasing view or aspect, or serves a function such as close to facilities if you have walking difficulty etc. The Pitch can also play a part in the choosing of the caravan as you may have chosen one with French windows or with a side on view because of the pitch you like.


There are generally several options available to you when financing a static caravan. Firstly you can pay for it on one lump sum from savings. If this option is not open to you then the other option is to take a loan. Loans come in two forms, secured and unsecured and the majority of holiday parks will offer loans through a finance house where the loan is unsecured meaning it is a personal loan to you or is secured on the caravan itself. Secured loans are ones secured against an asset, usually your house if you own it?

It is important to ensure that the loan rate is competitive and overtly shown on the paperwork. Any Holiday park that offers finance must hold a Consumer Credit License and follow the Financial Services Authority guidelines.

Most Holiday Parks will offer a flat rate that is fixed for the whole term of the loan.

Park Rules

It is wise to ask for a copy and to read through the park Rules of the holiday park you have chosen to ensure that you are happy with all regulations. A good Holiday park will have there rules written in plain English and should have a common sense approach. Age limits and Site fees should be written here.

Other rules such as Children or Dogs being welcome should also be apparent along with the length of the season that you are able to use the caravan.


All Items bought from a company whether new or pre-owned must have a warranty, Pre–owned normally have a 3-month warranty and New caravans a minimum of 12 months from the manufacturer.

Owning a Static caravan on a holiday park can be a great investment in your family and their leisure time. It helps you explore new areas, gives kids a sense of freedom and parents a place to relax and unwind.

We hope that you find this information helpful in purchasing you static caravan, Good Luck!

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