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When buying a used static caravan who is responsible for the warranty and should you ask your holiday park for clarification. We cover this throughout the great blog post.

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6 Jul 2013

Who is responsible for the warranty

If you have recently purchased a static caravan on a holiday park or are thinking of buying a caravan in the near future, it is advisable you understand who is liable if things breakdown or go wrong.

There are several ways to becoming a caravan owner and I have listed below the most common ways people buy a static caravan.

Buying from the Holiday Park
This is probably the most common and best way to buy a caravan, as you are able to choose your location and your caravan plot together. You are able to see for yourself what ground you will have to put out a table and chairs and have a small garden perhaps. Most Holiday Parks will only sell caravans that they own and therefore the liability for any caravan warranty lies with them. This still remains to be the case even if the caravan is new. However, the manufacturer will be ultimately responsible and it will be up to the holiday park to contact them on your behalf. Please note that most manufacturers take between 6 to 8 weeks to rectify an issue as they only have a limited amount of after-sales engineers on the road. Most used caravans come with a 3, 6 or 12-month warranty and will cover most items such as the boiler, fridge or freezer, leaks from the roof or seals, cookers and any appliances that are sold with the caravan. They will not cover items such as carpets, curtains or fixtures and fittings as these will be taken as sold as seen. As the holiday park is a company it will be lawfully bound to offer a minimum of a 3month warranty.

Buying a caravan privately on a holiday park
If you purchase a caravan from the owner direct then there is no law to say they have to provide a warranty. Therefore ensure you check the caravan thoroughly as it is Buyer Beware. Some people may become confused when they buy a caravan privately, as they pay the cheque to the holiday park and not the owner. The reason that all financial transactions are done through the holiday park is to protect the new owner and to ensure that what is being sold and told is truthful and correct. Also it will ensure that the correct transfer fee is being paid. However, the holiday park company will not be bound to offer a warranty.

Buying a caravan from a Dealer
If you purchase a caravan from a caravan dealer, then as for the holiday park the dealer is a company and therefore is lawfully bound to offer a warranty. 12 months must be given for new or unregistered caravans and 3 months on used. If the caravan is bought from a dealer and placed on a caravan holiday park, then the liability will be with the company you paid.

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