Ultra Fast Holiday Park WiFi

We're always working hard to improve the Park and services we provide to Owners and holidaymakers and our Ultra Fast WiFi service is just one area in which we excel.

You can now receive Ultra Fast Internet throughout our Holiday Park and in your Holiday Homes. For a single fee you will have access to unlimited downloads to your devices and even stream 4k content from services such as Netflix to your Samrt TV.

Packages & How To Connect

Aberdunant proudly offers Internet at Ultra Fast speeds...

To cater for todays demand for high level of data access we can now offer you Unlimited Download Packages from 1 day to a whole year. This can work out to as little as £19.50 per month for unlimited usage and unlimited downloads for up to 6 devices. We still offer data packages at ultrafast speeds for those who only wish to stay connected from time to time.

The Hotel will continue to offer a free WiFi connection that is perfect for emails and Facebook etc. However you will still be able to access the Ultra Fast there if you have purchased one of the packages below.

Uncontended Service: We do not share our leased Fibre line with any other users so this ensures Ultra Fast Connectivity 24 hours a day.

Package Benefits

  • • Ultra Fast Speeds 1
  • • Inclusive WiFi Calling
  • • Inclusive FaceTime and Skype
  • • Login to your home/work CCTV systems
  • • Remotely work from Aberdunant
  • • Uncapped Downloads
  • • Catch-Up & Streaming from Netflix, YouTube & Sky Go etc.2
  • • Stream music from services such as Spotify & Deezer
  • • Access home & work Cloud Storage with ease
  • • More relaiable Internet


How To Buy

When you visit the Park you will be able to connect to our WiFi and purchase your package online. Alternatively you can call into the Hotel where they will be able to organise this for you and take payment.

Your package will be active once you have entered the code you have provided into your 1st device. If this is an Unlimited Download Package it operates for the number of consecutive days you have purchased. If you lose a device that has been connected via your Unlimited Package you will need to contact the Hotel where they will be able to assist you further.

1) Speeds may vary dependent on the connected device, your location on the Park and number of concurrent users.

2) Adding your Smart TV or streaming device should be straightforward. However some devices such as NowTV or Apple TV may require an engineer to set these up. The engineer charges and small one-off fee of £49.00 inc VAT. Should you require an engineer to visit please call 01766 512001.

3) Annual Packages offer you 365 days of access starting from the day you connect your first device.

In-Caravan Access Points/Routers

You are now able to have Ultrafast WiFi installed directly into your caravan or lodge. The benefits of this is that the access point/router is private and only for your use. This ensures a direct connection to our park Fibre Network that provides you with speeds that are most likely faster than your home Internet connection.

These access points are professionally installed, configured and connected to our network. Once installed you will be provided with a unique code so that only you and your family can connect to it and costs just £120.

To order your access point/router please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss this with you further.

In-Caravan Access Point Eqnuiry Form

If you would like to enquire about the installation of a In-Caravan Access Point/Router please complete the form below

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Good To Know...

  • Ultra Fast Speeds
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Great Coverage
  • Free Hotel WiFi
  • Stream Netflix
  • Connect Games Consoles

Need Help?

If you need help contact the team by emailing

01766 512001